I survived a blizzard!

Ok, I was excited about going to Colorado but I never expected a blizzard!

A real blizzard!!!

I woke up to a snow covered Boulder. We were stuck inside for most of the day. The schools were closed. The Denver airport was closed. The Interstates were closed. The blizzard made national news!

It was amazing!!! I was hoping for snow, but never this!!


IMG_5975 IMG_5990 IMG_5991 IMG_5992
That is about 18 inches of snow!

We lounged around the house, got take out from a local Chinese restaurant, and had wonderful conversation. Then we decided to watch a movie. My cousin wanted a “happy, light” movie. Instead her husband and I chose Spotlight.

Probably the furtherest from “happy and light” but it was excellent. I did feel like I needed to go to confession afterwards. It is a difficult movie to watch, but one that I would recommend.


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