Cast of Misfits


Marie- Valentine aka Val aka Vallie aka Vallie Poo-Poo Head… you get the idea

Val is the light of my life.  She is my rock. We survived college, a move across the country, and so many adventures that I am shocked we are still alive. Val has me very well trained She has worked tirelessly with me to make sure that I open the door for her at any time of the day, no matter what I may be working on. Val has taught me that throwing the ball or going for a walk can fix all problems. Val enjoys hanging her head out the car window during long car rides and exploring new territories while on a hike. Val has recently taken up a new exercise routine- chasing the cat whenever possible. 

On November 7, 2013 Val let me know that is was time to let her go.  I accompanied Val to the vet for the last time.  She left peacefully and looked like an angel.  Everyday is a struggle to be without her and the hole in my heart is still huge.  Begonia has been wonderful in helping me get through this time. I know Val is still with me and miss her every day. When I am ready, I will take her picture down.  

Begonia aka Begonias aka Do you really need to shower me with presents?

 Begonia is a recent addition to my little family.  She was only meant to stay a few weeks and decided to stay with us permanently. She is the most loveable cat, as long as it is on her terms. Begonia loves to sleep next to me and when I say next to me I mean she could easily be considered an additional body part. She loves to bring me presents of mice, rats, and the occasional bird. Her two favorite activities are teasing the dog and jumping off the roof to scare anyone around her. I cannot imagine my life without Begonia and I am thrilled that she decided to adopt us.

The family


Oh… the family.  They are crazy and never boring.

Mary Lou, my therapist


I have been seeing her for over two years and I can say she is a miracle worker.  I believe I am saner, calmer, and happier than ever thanks to her. She calls me on my shit and makes me face my issues. I would be lost without her.

Luther, my acupuncturist


I have recently started to see Luther and I think he is helping.  My blood pressure has gone down, my stress levels are decreasing, and I feel more relaxed.  And he is a hell of a lot better than anti-depressants or anti-axienty medicine!


My dear, wonderful, patient, spectacular friends. Thank you a million times! My life would be horrible without you!

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