Easter 2016

Happy Easter!

I am waiting for the calvary to arrive. That meaning my grandmother, aunt, and uncle are on their way. I am not thrilled about it, but they will only be here for a short time. I am sure in that time my political views, my ethics, and my many other opinions will be insulted.

Way to start off with a positive attitude!

I did start off this holiday with finally seeing Deadpool.

It was just as funny and entertaining as I was told. It was a tad to violent for me, but I was expecting it. I missed the first few minutes, but I do not think it missed anything vital to the story. I thought the sarcastic, funny, and violent movie would be a nice complement to my relatives visit!

And I cannot believe I did not share my Easter wreaths with you! I got them at Michael’s for a steal. The welcome mat was purchased at Target. I love it all!


Now I have to get working on the rest of the house!!!!

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