Good bye Colorado!

I am back in California. Insert sad face here.

I had a great, short trip to Colorado and I am anxious to go back.

My cousin is often teased that she is on the fast track to becoming the crazy cat lady. I do not know how this is true seeing she has a husband and three kids. She does have a lot of cats and so I now must share a little about each one with you. The pictures are not great, but they are very sweet cats. IMG_6002

This is Mochie. He is the leader of the pack. I call him Shere Khan. He is an old man, but he is in charge! He is always ready to give a head bump!


Buddy is the teenager of the group. He does not have time for anyone and everyone annoys him. He thinks he is in charge, but is quickly reminded that he is an immature pain in the neck. He can be very sweet, but only when food is involved.


This is Squeaky. She is a beautiful Somali and squeaks when she meows. She was my cuddle bunny. Every time I sat down, Squeaky wanted on my lap. She loved to be loved.


Grey. Where do I begin. Grey thinks she is one of the boys. She has an attitude and is not afraid of much. She was the cat that slept with me every night. During the day she did not have much to do with anyone, but she loved to curl up next to me each night.


Poof is very shy and tended to keep her distance from anyone or any cat. She graced my presence a few times and I have to say I was honored. She lives up to her name. She looks like a black poof with four legs.

My cousin has another cat, but Lucky was sick and I did not feel it was fair to share his picture. He has a fungus in his lungs and has a long road to recovery, but I am confident he will pull through.

She also has a bird. I will not talk about the bird.

The flight home was quick with the help of Goosebumps the movie. Cute and just as silly as I expected.

Last but not least, I flew Frontier to Colorado. I have to say I was impressed with both flights and will definitely fly them again. I do not think they were that much cheaper than any other airline. Both planes I flew were new and the flight crew was great!


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