Look Sam! No cast!

Day two of my week off was another great day.


My mom got her cast sawed off today. It must more dramatic if I word it that way. Her thumb is still pretty swollen, but the doctor said that that was normal. My mom has to exercise her thumb daily and if she does not she will have to go to physical therapy. I giggle every time it think about what type of exercises the physical therapist will make her do.


Afterwards I dropped my mom off at home and went to get my toes done.  I was in seriously need of a pedicure.  I learned something today.  The nail place is pretty empty on a Tuesday afternoon.  Ahhh… it must be nice to not have to work.  The pedicure was wonderfully relaxing.  Who would have thunk that someone messing with your feet could be so wonderful!


I came home and made some Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps.  They were AMAZING! I wanted to dive into the skillet and swim in them.  I substituted the white rice for brown and kicked myself for not making this dish sooner. To be honest, I thought the lettuce was a pain in the butt and I grabbed a spoon so I could stuff my face faster.  I bet the recipe would be just as good without the rice.


Now I am off to read my not so interesting book.  I need to get through this one so I can hopefully start a better book.   Tomorrow should be eventful… with what I will not say.  You will have to come back and see for yourself! Ha!

I’ll give a clue…. this bit of published material might have made an appearance at your door.

Dang it!  Did I give it away?

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